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Website audit & search engine optimization (SEO)

with the latest technologies, first hand, from young people

Search engine optimization & SEO Audit & Online competitor analysis

Get to the top of the Google results list with our powerful search engine optimisation option. We'll increase your website's organic reach to help you stand out from your competition. Most SEO services only offer keyword research and promises, but we work with real professional technologies and backlinks.

& Speed boost

Creating a premium website is a real art. However, responsive web design is not everything. At NewPartners, we pay as much attention to the optimization of a website as we do to its appearance. The best possible results, with the quality and speed you're used to.

 Quality and optimisation,

we are not one of the template-based Wordpress site builders. Our projects are of real quality and value.

A new generation creative team

 Working together with our Partners for the perfect end result
 New ideas, execution and unstoppability
 Wide range of services (with external Partner members)
 Fancy, modern and efficient solutions
 High quality standards and dynamic project execution

 Say goodbye to templates and page builders

Real HTML and CSS based design. With the latest and most powerful CMS systems in the background. A unique website that is 100% your own.

Corporate website creation

Nowadays, we browse the internet from countless different devices, so it is essential to choose responsive website design. This way, you can be sure that your website will appear flawlessly on all devices. The question that follows is: "Wordpress website or not?" Many people trust it, some prefer to avoid it. What is certain is that a professional website with self-developed modules is a completely different quality.

Custom webshop creation

Starting an online store is a big milestone. It involves making a number of decisions. The first is certainly to forget about renting a template-based ecommerce store and opt for a serious premium solution instead. In the long run, it pays off in many ways. It's timeless, expandable and cheaper. On top of that, you get a system with a fast and unique design.

Web design, UI and UX design

The design is really meaningful for the visitors and customers of the site. It is also the soul of the website. It is very important to pay attention to the transparency of an online store, the image of a website. The NewPartners team works on all web designs and user interfaces based on today's minimalist style in order to provide the maximum experience for the customer.

Website renovation, website audit

In today's world, a website or online store has to meet very strict requirements. If it's not fast enough, attractive enough and easy to use, the customer will choose a competitor's webshop within seconds. Our audit & fix service was created to modernise older systems and web designs. We offer a fast and effective solution to the problem of slow websites and old-fashioned images.

 For small companies and larger ones alike,

business websites, quality online stores are for everyone. As the saying goes, "The life of a premium website starts with the NewPartners team and continues to be owned by satisfied Customers."

  Full coverage of the world wide web,

up-to-date web frameworks, perfectionism and professional content production by our colleagues.

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